AI Assistants & Analytics for Real Estate Agents & Brokerages.

Transform your business into a 24/7 selling machine with personalized AI assistants for every agent and every home.

More deals, less work. builds you a personalized AI to engage with prospects. Then, it uses AI Analytics to understand buyers and help you sell more homes.

Custom AI Assistants for Every Agent

Elevate your presence with AI assistants tailored to showcase your listings and expertise. These 24 Hour AI assistants engage buyers and sellers, highlighting why you are their ideal choice.

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Discover Buyer & Seller Preferences

Understand buyer demand for your listings by analyzing their interactions. Dive deep into realtime analytics to make better decisions.

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AI Recommendations & Insights

Leverage our analytics to receive actionable insights and recommendations for each listing, such as optimal times for open houses, based on user interest.

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AI Analytics - From Data to Deals

Let your AI do the analysis for you. With, convert complex data into clear opportunities, ensuring you're always a step ahead.

  • Activity Level Monitoring. See which listings have high interest and intent. Also, which ones might need a price adjustment or a better marketing plan to get them sold.
  • Conversation Analysis. Discover client preferences on home features and topics. Tailor your marketing to highlight the most popular features that get people excited.
  • Buyer Matches. Get notified when a user starts showing qualified interest. Accelerate your sales cycle. Get deals done quicker.

Our Team

    • I used to be an agent and the amount of time I wasted was driving me crazy. The best way to serve my clients was to figure out what they wanted as fast as possible and then find the houses or buyers that met those requirements. There had to be a better way so I decided to build it.

      Oliver Palnau
      CEO of
    • Data is a storyteller, and in the real estate realm, the narrative is about understanding client needs. Leveraging my digital analytics expertise, we've built to be not just a tool, but a strategic partner that offers actionable insights, transforming how agents engage with the market.

      Vinny Romano
      COO of

Harnessing AI for a brighter future in Real Estate

We believe easy to implement real estate AI solutions are the best way to give real estate agents their time back.

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